Dr. Chess Stetson

42 Interactive

Category of Humanitarian Benefit: Knowledge Sharing

Short Biography/Background of the Nominee: Dr. Stetson obtained his Ph.D. and postdoc at Caltech in Computation and Neural Systems, studying the oscillatory relationship between cortical regions and using signals from individual neurons to predict decisions. Previously, he studied the basis of neural time processing. He earned an AB in Physics from Harvard and an MS from UT Houston Medical Center. He also worked as an engineer at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, building instrumentation for air- and rocket-borne experiments. He has also appeared on National Geographic as a neuroscience expert.

Project Name and Description: Developing artificial intelligence with machine learning to process complex data sets. This project has applications in medicine, finance, computational chemistry and more.

Humanitarian Benefit: Using AI and machine learning in healthcare and to help advance other facets of life.

Website: http://www.chessstetson.com/