Mr. Matt Powers

Founder/ Author of “The Permaculture Student”

Category of Humanitarian Benefit: Environmental Improvement, Knowledge Sharing

Short Biography/Background of the Nominee:

Project Name and Description: Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. The term coined in the late 70s has come to encompass a lot of disciplines and practices that promote social and environmental sustainability. Matt's Permaculture Student is an online curriculum which he has personally developed in conjunction with specialists from all over the world. This network of brilliant minds has produced online classes on subjects ranging from turning deserts into food forests, adapting plants to drought-stricken environments and other techniques essential to help people thrive in a changing world.

Humanitarian Benefit: The benefit of permaculture in the 21st century to me (Pierre) has a lot to do with climate change resilience. In most if not all parts of the world, the environment is changing and the communities living in it are becoming increasingly affected by the rapid pace of change. Permaculture offers countless solutions to help communities adapt to these changes and thrive despite droughts and floods. As a person working on food security in SE Asia, I see these solutions as critical, so the development of an online, borderless classroom for people from all over the world to tap into this knowledge is remarkable. His course has been translated in many languages, and I personally look forward contributing to the work by translating it and distributing this work in Khmer as Cambodia is at the forefront of climate change adaptation and the need for new solutions such as permaculture, which includes the technology we work on there: aquaponics.