The Helios is awarded to a person who exceptionally exemplifies our mission through an outstanding scientific or technological achievement which has clearly and significantly benefited humanity in one of our four spheres of focus.


The 2018 Helios award honors the co-founder of Wikipedia, Lawrence “Larry” Sanger. Mr. Sanger founded Wikipedia with Jimmy Wales in 2001.  Sanger is credited with creating and enforcing many of the policies and strategy that made Wikipedia possible during its first formative year. He assembled the process for article development implementing a wiki, which led to the creation of Wikipedia. He is also credited with the creation of the name “Wikipedia”. Wikipedia marries three fundamental elements, an encyclopedia, a wiki, and unrestricted editorial access to the public revolutionizing how we access information on the Internet.

Since parting ways with Wikipedia in 2002, Sanger has been instrumental in a number of startup projects. Since September of 2017, Sanger has taken the role of Chief Information Officer for, the world’s first blockchain encyclopedia network. His accomplishments exemplify how sharing knowledge changes the world.