Aulikki Flagan

Biology, Environmental Science, and Engineering Teacher At Ramona Convent Secondary School in Alhambra, CA

Category of Humanitarian Benefit: Improved Sharing of Knowledge

Short Biography/ Background of the Nominee: Aulikki Flagan is a Biology, Environmental Science, and Engineering teacher at Ramona Convent Secondary School in Alhambra, California. She has two master’s degrees; one in Education and one in Zoology and twenty-eight wonderful years at Ramona behind her. She also mentors several science clubs and competitions and has coached a Robotics team for 16 years. An admitted workaholic, she also has been an adjunct instructor for local community colleges for the past 13 years while teaching full time at Ramona convent. In 2017, she was awarded the Fullbright Distinguished Teaching Award Grant to travel to Finland for 6 months in spring 2018 to explore the Finish Education system. Now she looks forward to applying what she learned to her teaching at Ramona, and to share it with teachers around the state and the nation.

Project Name and Description: Service to Improve the Lives of Others through Robotics Education
I teach at Ramona Convent Secondary School, which is a female High School in San Gabriel Valley. A hallmark of Ramona’s excellence is a rich co-curricular robotics program with an emphasis on “service to improve the lives of others.” We have an existing, all female FIRST Robotics team with 60 members and 8 mentors. I have been running this program for the past 16 years. Our students visit neighboring Elementary and Junior High schools to educate and excite these younger female students about science, technology, and robotics. In this school years, the aim is to attract enough elementary and Junior High students to start three new Lego league teams from different schools to compete in local level. Our website is: or visit our Facebook page at

Humanitarian Benefit: Most of the students are Ramona and in these neighboring schools are Hispanic, and economically disadvantaged with no resources available for such activities. Ramona’s robotics students have good knowledge on Lego robotics and will eagerly pass this information to younger students. The team also raises funds to help other teams to cover the cost of competitions. They are ready to help like they have done in the past.