David Hertz and Laura Doss-Hertz

Co-Founders of Skysouce/Skywater Alliance

Category of Humanitarian Benefit: Environmental Improvement, Disaster Relief and Recovery

Short Biography/Background of the Nominee:
David Hertz - At an early age, David became interested in architecture and the balance between human world and natural world. His passion for surfing attuned him to the environmental issues, and during his education at The Southern California Institute of Architecture he continued to focus on ecological design. David led the push for green architecture, making incredibly sustainable buildings using unconventional materials such as industrial refrigeration panels and even a de- commissioned Boeing 747 airplane. David is a board member of Santa Monica's Task Force on The Environment and serves on the Board of Directors of Heal The Bay. More about David: www.davidhertzfaia.com

Laura Doss-Hertz - A commercial photographer and native Californian, Laura grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She spent most of her childhood outdoors by the water; at the beach, sailing, writing poetry and taking photographs with her sister. As a daughter of a commercial airline pilot and a wildly creative mother, Laura's lifelong passion for photography is the product of her traveling adventures around the world, discovering the visual beauty and intrigue of foreign lands, cultures, and customs. Laura serves on the Board of Directors of The Bay Foundation and Community Healing Gardens. More about Laura: www.lauradoss.com

Project Name and Description: http://www.skysource.org/ ; http://maximpactblog.com/making-fresh-water-thin-air/

LOS ANGELES, California, October 25, 2018 (Maximpact.com News) – An atmospheric water generator that condenses moisture in the air, making fresh drinking water, has won the Water Abundance XPrize worth US$1.5 million. The prize went to David Hertz and Laura Doss-Hertz co-founders of the Skysource/Skywater Alliance , which produces the devices and runs one on solar power at its headquarters in Venice Beach, California.

Humanitarian Benefit: The Water Abundance XPrize, sponsored by the Tata Group and Australian Aid, was launched in 2016 at the United Nations in New Delhi. The two-year competition was aimed at easing the global water crisis with energy-efficient technologies that harvest fresh water from the air. To qualify for the Water Abundance XPRIZE, competitors had to extract over 2,000 liters of drinkable water from the atmosphere in a 24 hour period using only renewable resources, for less than two cents per liter. Each Skywater model produces enough fresh water from air for a household use or emergency relief efforts, producing it “more efficiently than any other method of moisture extraction or filtration,” the company claims

Website: http://www.skysource.org/