Dr. John butler

Special Programs Office at NIST

Category of Humanitarian Benefit: Disaster Relief and Recovery

Short Biography/ Background of the Nominee: Please visit https://www.nist.gov/people/john-butler for his biography.

Project Name and Description: Dr. Butler has written a series of books on the applicaton of forensic science in DNA typing. These books are used worldwide to train and assist individuals in criminal justice, identification of victims in mass disasters and in the identification of victims of war crimes. Dr Butler's research sits on the forefront of forensic human identification. His methods for developing miniSTRs have been used in identification of victims of the World Trade Center Disaster, in Yugoslavia, and in numerous other situations. He has also published numerous procedures for testing and validation of forensic genomic markers. Forensic Scientists regularly consult his books and methods for assisting victims of sexual assault. Indeed the knowledge gained and the procedures developed have made the world a safer place and continue to be used across the globe. His STRbase website serves as a worldwide resource for genomic data and his work on miniSTRs revolutionized the capability of labs to detect degraded human remains.
Butler, J.M. (2001) Forensic DNA Typing: Biology and Technology behind STR Markers. Academic Press, London, 335 pages
Butler, J.M. (2005) Forensic DNA Typing: Biology, Technology, and Genetics of STR Markers (2nd Edition). Elsevier Academic Press, New York, 688 pages (review)
Butler, J.M. (2010) Fundamentals of Forensic DNA Typing. Elsevier Academic Press, San Diego, 520 pages
Butler, J.M. (2012) Advanced Topics in Forensic DNA Typing: Methodology. Elsevier Academic Press, San Diego, 704 pages
Butler, J.M. (2015) Advanced Topics in Forensic DNA Typing: Interpretation. Elsevier Academic Press, San Diego, 608 pages

Humanitarian Benefit: As mentioned above, Dr. Butlers books and scientific procedures are used worldwide to assist victims of sexual assault, to identify victims of mass disaster and to provide silent witness to acts of genocide.

Website: https://www.nist.gov/people/john-butler