2018 Award Recipients Recognized!

Five Awards to be presented at the 2018 awards gala on January 31, 6:00PM, at the University Club in Pasadena.

Award recipients will highlight their achievements, which are defining our future, while improving and saving lives.

The 2018 Award Recipients

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Helios Award: Lawrence Sanger, Co-founder of Wikipedia

Health and Medical: Chad Mirkin, Ph.d

Environmental Improvement: Mihri Ozkan

Disaster Relief and Recovery: Maria Velasco

Knowledge Sharing: James Marggraff

Advances in technology are happening at a rapid pace. Scientists and researchers are developing new breakthroughs that are changing the way in which we live, what we know about the universe, and how our society overcomes obstacles, both personal and planetary. 

Shining light upon those achievements contributing to the wellbeing of people and planet, the 2018 Rotary Humanitarian STAR Awards will honor outstanding scientific and technological accomplishments in four categories:  Health and Medical, Environmental Improvement, Knowledge Sharing and Disaster Relief and Recovery.

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The Third Annual Rotary Humanitarian STAR Awards will be held on January 31, 2019 at the University Club of Pasadena. This elegant evening will feature a sit down dinner followed by the awards ceremony honoring scientists who use their achievements to benefit humanity.

Registration begins at 6:00PM. There is a Reception and cash bar prior to the Banquet. Dinner is at 7:00PM.
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