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2017 Nominees

Kimberly A. Shriner, M.D.,  F.A.C.P.

Director, Founder 

The Phil Simon Clinic

Pasadena medical teams bring medical science to Tanzania through lectures, workshops & clinics to sustainably relieve diseases such as HIV, parasites and much more within the country, saving lives.

Nominated by:  Dave Silvey, Communication officer

Huntington Medical Research Institute

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Jack Lloyd

Chairman Bioengineering Industrial Advisory Board at Berkeley.

Developed the first pulse oximeter, measuring oxygen in blood, leading the way to a fundamental breakthrough in anesthesia and critical care.

Nominated by:  Reid Rubsamen, MD 

President, FlowPharma

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Albert Waldo, MD, PhD 

Walter H. Pritchard Professor of Cardiology, Professor of Medicine, & Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University 

Discovery of a pacing method; enabling diagnosis and termination of Arrhythmia.

Nominated by: Mark Carlson, MD

Abbott Division Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

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Z. Nagin Cox 

Tactical Mission Lead - Curiosity Rover NASA JPL,

STEM speaker for the US State Department.

Communicates the power of NASA’s exploration story, cutting through political & cultural issues, reminding us what humankind can do together.

Nominated by: Glenn DeMichele

Director of Engineering  Sigenics, Inc

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Frances H. Arnold, Ph.D 
Professor of Chemical Eng., Bioengineering & Biochemistry; Director, Donna and Benjamin M. Rosen Bioengineering Center
Developed highly active enzymes (cellulolytic & biosynthetic enzymes) and microorganisms to convert renewable biomass to fuels and chemicals.
Nominated by: Sandra Ell, Chief Investment Officer Emeritus of Caltech

Jeff and Karen Weigel 

Coordinated efforts with locals &  professionals worldwide to bring clean water &  sanitation infrastructure to Fiji. 

Nominated by:    Bill Paul  

Past- President Landmark Wisdom Unleashed

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Titanium Robotics Team

Promoting STEM research and education to inspire the future generation locally and globally.

Nominated by: Jeng Wen Ph.D.  Sr. Engineer at JPL

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Allan Y. Lee Ph.D. Aeronautics & Astronautics 


Preliminary design of a human Mars lander using a Hyper-sonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator entry technology with descent and landing trajectory subsystem.

Nominated by: Edward Wong Ph.D. 

Principal Engineer at JPL

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Jim Lux

Telecommunications Specialist V at JPL

FINDER: Portable device using radar technology to find victims trapped beneath rubble.

Nominated by: Mazen Shihabi Ph.D   NASA JPL

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Richard Myers, Ph.D

President, Science Director & Faculty Investigator

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

Integrates functional genomics, epigenetic and genetic data to understand how genomes are involved in cancer, brain disorders, ALS, children born with developmental disorders, autoimmune diseases and other traits.

Nominated by: Todd May 

Director NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

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Stephen Turner

‎NASA Emergency Management Specialist - Michoud Assembly Facility

Directed efforts  with the MAF Response and Recovery teams 

Nominated by: Todd May
Director NASA Marshall Space Flight Center 

Sam Bloch

Founder of Communitere International

Innovative approach to humanitarian aid, changing the scope of disaster response and community development.  

Nominated by:  

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Mark Minie Ph.D.

Founder, BioSpherics Working Gr.

Bionic Leaf Development Kit

for use in education and innovation.

Nominated by: Richard Gayle, President, SpreadingScience

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Nexleaf Analytics ColdTrace Team 

 By Martin Lukac, Shahrzad Yavari, & Anita Sircar

Technology platform ensures every child receives safe & effective vaccines by bringing powerful data analytics, realtime detection of systems failures, and cost effective systemic improvement to immunization outcomes in developing countries.

Nominated by: Deborah Estrin Ph.D. 

Tishman Professor of Computer Science/ Associate Dean at Cornell Tech

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William C. Patzert Ph.D.

Research Scientist, 


Interpreting Satellite data, to further our understanding of climate and environmental problems.

Nominated by:  Gene Goss,  

Sierra Madre City Councilma

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Angelo Capozzi, MD. 

Founder & Medical Director Rotaplast International

Helping children and families worldwide by eliminating the burden of cleft lip and/or palate, burn scarring, and other deformities.

Nominated by: Roger Fennell, MD  - Rotary Club of Altadena

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Mark E. Davis, Ph.D
Warren & Katharine Schlinger Professor - Chemical Engineering CalTech
City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, Experimental Therapeutics Program
Engineered nanoparticles that are made from polymeric materials specifically designed and created for human cancer therapeutics. 
Nominated by: Sandra Ell, Chief Investment Officer Emeritus of Caltech Sandra Ell 

Denise McCain-Tharnstrom, Ph.D.

Exec. Director - Our Children LA

Developed an app, 'WIN' (What I Need), providing a resource directory & web-based app for homeless & vulnerable youth. 

Nominated by: Jeff Hamilton CPA

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Robert C. “Bud” Bishop Ph.D., M.B.A. President – Pasadena Bio Collaborative Incubator 
Coordinates the nurturing of of over 50 early stage companies working to translate scientific ideas into products for the improvement of health, quality of life, and the environment.
Nominated by: Patric Sislian Co-founder, CEO Deton

Anna Stork,Andrea Sreshta and Mark Cuban

LuminAID founders & partner

Invented solar powered inflatable light. 40,000 distributed to 100 countries for disaster relief and undeveloped areas.

Nominated by: William White, MD 

HealthCare Partners, Davita Medical Group

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